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By virtualizing the pipes and non-linear transformation found on the first aviation motor engines the STC2k able to achieve real-time operation in modern oceanic inspection. The positioning and targeting is as precise as a quantum approach can give with the ability to track up to 24 frames giving the result of 1,572,864 pixels in one operation circuit simultaneously.
V12 engine virtualization


The pipeline of STC2k is on S-band operation capable of achieving 4.1 petabit data rate. This is enough for not only to show the audio spectrogram of the sea bottom, but to make Spherical Interaction Network (SIN) visualization of all objects in an operation distance field. You can enjoy viewing small objects as well as those 1km large to an extent of visible range.
S-band operation


The marine inspection is a task very crucial for signal discretization. By applying Quantum Interpolation discretization with 4th order Band-Pass Butterworth filters one can achieve the representation in Time Domain capable of reproducing the given spectrum. By variable scanning the SIN it can be used for precise marine imaging and detection. The sonar real-time operation is given as a flexible filter sweeps with 24dB curve.
4th order Band-Pass Butterworth filters


Global coordinate system used for applying a proper image size this way objectively making possible to visualize marine world with the sizes ranging from small room to very large auditorium. The reverberation network sets only the field for proper dispersion of the sea bottom spectrum and can be used for military detection together with waveguides.
Schroeder reverberator with four comb filters and two all-pass networks


The waveguide scheme taken from an ordinary physical model of the two interconnected pipes of v12 engine acts as amplifier. This way it can compare the amplitude of a signal before and after passing the waveguide for detection and normalization as precise as 64-bit representation can take. The snapshots compared on three different layers cross connected with modern interpolation engine.
Two-section waveguide filters with 64-bit amplitude change detector

Low-Passmaster filter

The master filter ensures no aliasing will be present in signal after discretization of synthesized echolocation waves. Virtualization means there is no more need to mask by “pinging” operation the echoes ensuring fast and precise result for military operation. The aliasing-free virtualization also means the quality of signal chain, which leads to proper marine imaging.
8th order Low-Pass Butterworth master filter


The copper twisted pair wires inspired a new set of sum-difference imaging taking a signal from the output paths and precisely merging it to ensure the real 3D sound experience. SoC design makes it possible to run very fast clocks and represents the signal with high level virtualization leaving only an MS coded output for sound and other outputs for constructing SIN image.
Native stereo-imaging by MS coding


Plan Position Indicator acts with the possibility to scan in both directions in one cycle period. It reveals the image and narrows the search path to the leads of common picture. It is an imitation our attention takes for accepting the different areas of the picture. The picture itself is a discrete of the sum of three-layers of operation and interpolates for better and smooth representation.
PPI with forward-backward tracking


Virus-free operation is ensured by bottom-up model, which acts on the speeds S-band radio spectrum can give. The block-cipher is a smart chaining of stochastics together with variable keying so there is no use to try to find a key to decrypt the system other than acting synchronously with it, which is impossible by the architecture of STC2k sonar.
Block-cipher with 64+64 bit encryption scheme with variable keying


Holography is a latest trend in the industry of stereo imaging ensuring the right parallax coherence via simulated chain of stereo panning. MS coding gives the best results for this operation and enhances the holographic view. The process of imaging doesn’t include the quaternion for obfuscating the torpedo trajectory but this is unneeded for visualizing but implies this obfuscation happens for working prototype.
Spherical representation for holographic visual device

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